Privacy Policy

At Islam Helper we are committed to safeguarding and protecting your privacy. Unless you provide it voluntarily, we will not collect any personal information about you as a visitor to our website. However in order to develop the website, the plugins behind this website may gather anonymous information about you such as the website pages you visited. This policy sets out to explain the information that may be gathered and how we treat it. By using this website, you agree to accept this privacy policy.

Anonymous Data Collected

We collect data submitted by your web browser about the use of this website such as your geographical location, navigation, pages viewed,  web browser being used, referral source, computer operating system, amount of time spent on the website and IP address. Such data is recorded in our web server’s log files and our website analytics software.

Data Collected is used for

Marketing purposes and Administration. To help troubleshoot any technical issues with the website. We may share an aggregated version of this data and disclose it to our third-party advertising partners. This information does not personally identify you and is primarily used to provide demographics about the visitors of the website. To help ensure the delivery of a great user experience of the website.


Personally Identifiable Data Collected

We do not ask for your personal information unless it is truly needed and you willingly provide it to us. This is why the only personally identifiable information that we collect is when you decide to subscribe to our newsletter. In fact, we only ask you to provide us with an email address where we will send our newsletter to and your name is not required. This data is stored on the servers of our email newsletter provider. We do not store a copy of your email address on our server and we do not and will never sell it to third parties.


This website does contain links to other websites. While extra care is devoted to linking to highly reputable websites, we cannot be held responsible for the practices, privacy policies or content of the linked websites. We would like to remind you that the privacy policy you are reading only applies to this website.

Web Beacons and Cookies

The website will make use of cookies to personalize your online experience. A cookie is a small file which is sent by our web server to the web browser being used where it is stored. This file is used to store data such as the pages you visit and will therefore customise the layout of this website depending on your web browser and the device that you are using to access this website.

Our advertising partners may also decide to use their own cookies and web beacons for various reasons. These include the ability to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to the visitor of the website. Also to record the number of times an advertisement has appeared and how many website visitors have clicked on the advert. This data is provided anonymously, therefore they cannot personally identify you if you have seen an advert or if you have clicked on one. Furthermore, we have no control or access over third-party advertisers’ cookies and how they are being used.

Cookies cannot and do not personally identify you. Web browsers can be set to accept or reject cookies or to notify you when a cookie is being sent by a web server. You can also change your cookie acceptance policy through the settings of the web browser you use. This should normally not cause any major issues in your overall experience with this website.

Privacy Policy Amendments

This privacy policy is subject to amendments without further notice. In the event of this, an updated version will be available on this page. The version you are reading right now was last updated on the 1st of January 2018. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly address them.

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