Politicians Lying; Does Democracy Need Reform

Politicians can lie without any consequences

The first issue which everyone will be familiar with is that politicians lie to win elections. They also lie to start illegal wars that benefit the politicians or the lobbyists supporting the politicians. Some examples of their lies being:

  • Reducing the UK deficit and running a budget surplus by 2017.
  • Reducing UK net migration to below 100,000 per year.
  • An extra 350mil a week for the NHS if Britain leaves the EU.
  • Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction leading to the 2003 Iraq war.
  • US president Trump promising a US-Mexico border wall and that Mexico would pay for it (of course they would).

It is understandable that not every promise can be fulfilled. However with the current system, politicians can make promises no matter how unrealistic they are in order to win elections. They could promise a free house, car and winning the lottery for every person.

Reform is needed to help prevent politicians lying. One suggestion could be that if the winner of an election breaks three or more of the policies they promised during their election campaign, then they would have to resign and another election must be held.

All politicians would have to create realistic deadline dates for each of their policies during their election campaign. This would help politicians think twice before lying about their policies.

You need financial backing to win elections

The second problem is that millions or in the case of the US billions are needed to have any chance of winning an election. Although politicians are relatively wealthy, the overwhelming majority cannot finance their own election campaign. 

This then leads to politicians looking for financial backing from wealthy individuals who own large corporations. However no one is willing to give out their money for free to politicians. The only thing that politicians can offer that no one else can, are policies that benefit the rich individuals and their corporations who are backing them, which is known as lobbying. This leads to policies not benefiting the general population but just rich individuals.

One solution to this is to reduce election campaign costs and to introduce a cap. This will help to make the election more fair for all candidates. It will ensure that no one has the advantage of having more money to advertise themselves more than the other candidates. Another obvious solution is to make lobbying illegal so that governments introduce policies that benefit everyone instead of the just lobbyists. 

Lack of diversity 

Another problem are the candidates who you can vote for during an election. The overwhelming majority of candidates were privately educated and come from elite families who are selected as leaders of their political parties by other people who were also privately educated and are from other elite families. People are given the free choice for which pre-selected candidate to vote for. A common state educated person has very little chance of being elected.

If you search for the list of political families in UK you will notice the amount of people who became politicians because their parent was also a politician. The next priminister of the UK will probably be from one of those families. They are chosen by elite families as an option for you to vote for.

Do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment below.

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