Industries And Groups That Benefit From Terrorism

Terrorism benefiting the Arms industry

One of the industries that benefits from terrorism is the Arms industry. The saying goes, money is the root of all evil. The more you look into the root cause of a problem you will eventually find it is caused by money and greed.

The Arms industry benefiting from terrorism is a no-brainer. Terrorism leads to conflict, which leads to wars, which leads to a demand for weapons, which leads to billions of dollars for arms manufacturers.

The media 

The second industry that benefits from terrorism is the media. It is important to realise that the different media organisations are businesses which want to make money through selling papers, magazines, advertisements and promoting agendas for the people that own them; such as starting wars.

There are very few impartial news organisations. News outlets try to create exaggerated and controversial headlines to sell papers and increase their profits. Terrorism gives them that opportunity.


The final group that benefits from terrorism are governments. After all, the main purpose of terrorism is to achieve political aims. It is the perfect method for governments to get rid of leaders they do not like.

How do you get rid of Gaddafi in Libya, you pay extremists to topple his government. How do you get rid of Assad in Syria, you pay extremists to topple his government. Unless there is country like Russia with political interests in Syria as well causing the plan to fail.

These three groups, Arms manufacturers, the media and governments work together to benefit each other. Governments start conflicts to create a demand for weapons to benefit the weapons industry. The media uses propaganda to convince the public to make it easier for the government to start conflicts. An example being weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The reason these three groups work together is because they are controlled by the same group of elite and powerful people.

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