Conflict Caused By Borders Created By The West

How borders are causing conflicts

Most of the conflict in the different regions of the world seem to be caused by border disputes. Whether it is between Israel and Palestine, Pakistan and India, or African countries.

Middle East

When the Ottoman Empire was defeated at the end of World War One in 1914, the UK, France and Russia secretly divided the land in the Middle East between themselves.  

The splitting up of the Middle East was known as the Sykes-Picot Agreement which was named after the British and French statesmen, Mark Sykes and Francois Georges-Picot. Britain had actually promised the Arabs their own land if they fought the Ottoman Empire for the British during WW1.

Britain betrayed the Arabs and took over and formed Mandatory Palestine in 1920 and Mandatory Iraq in 1921. The French took northern Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Syria. They created borders between ethnic groups such as Kurds which has caused conflicts.

Middle East controlled by Britain, France and Russia.

Britain betrayed the Arabs further by creating Israel after WW2 in 1948, a state just for Jewish people. Muslims, Christian and Jews lived in Palestine peacefully before the creation of Israel which has caused a never ending conflict in the region.

Map of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians


Map of the different African ethnic groups

There are many different ethnic groups in Africa. European colonialists created borders to divide African land among themselves. Again they created borders without considering the different ethnic groups which has lead to many conflicts. Most modern day African countries had their borders carved out by Europe colonialists.

South Asia 

In South Asia, Britain split India into two separate countries in 1947. Pakistan and East Pakistan (now known as Bangladesh) was formed as a state for Muslims. This was done to reduce the conflict between Muslims and Hindus.

However it started the conflict over Kashmir between Pakistan and India. Instead of uniting Muslims and Hindus as Indians they created two groups of people with different identities to create conflict in the region. 

Britain also created the Durand line, a border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Durand line split the ethnic group Pashtuns in half and has created the political conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Were these borders created to intentionally create conflicts?

We cannot say for certain whether the borders drawn out by Western countries were intentionally created to cause conflicts, or if they were created out of ignorance.

However there needs to be conflicts and wars in order for Arms manufacturers to make money. The largest weapon suppliers in the world do happen to mostly be in Western countries.

In summary, there is no denying that borders created where it was not needed has created many conflicts around the world. It has divided people and given them new identities to fight one another. Israeli vs Palestinian and Pakistani vs Indian and the list goes on.

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